Once I embark on a project, I become fully involved, giving 100 percent dedication and commitment to getting the job done. I really enjoy bringing creativity to my approach and like to think outside the box, considering a whole range of different solutions to meet your needs and those of your stakeholders.

I truly believe in full client engagement and will ensure you are involved at all stages. I am completely committed to working closely with you every step of the way to keep you informed to ensure targets are met when they need to be met.

Steps usually involved in consultancy projects include:


I will meet with you to identify need, define consultancy objectives, establish budget, examine timeframe and set key targets.

Planning and proposal

I will work with you to develop a detailed proposal, tailored to your needs, which sets out a clear framework for delivery of the project, along with a budget including breakdown of costs by time and activity. I use tools such as gantt charts and other project management models to ensure targets and timescales are clear.


I will work with you and your stakeholders to ensure the project is well researched. I will also ensure that all projects are set against a backdrop of strategic and policy change at a community and government level, ensuring up to date strategic relevance.


I will deliver the key objectives established at the initial scoping stage. This could be through the production of a report, development and delivery of training or the facilitation of an event.

Review and evaluation

As a point of good practice and to promote learning and improvement, I evaluate all work completed with clients. This can take many forms e.g. evaluation questionnaires or a review meeting with yourself to assess your levels of satisfaction and to consider if anything could have been done differently or been improved. I may also ask you to complete a client satisfaction questionnaire (this is very short and doesn’t take up too much of your time).

It is worth noting, since McNamee Consulting was established in September 2010, I have never failed to deliver a consultancy project to highest standards, with excellent client satisfaction and feedback.