I have, over the years, developed a good reputation for creative approaches and problem solving. This means I often get asked to take on consultancy projects that don’t necessarily fall within the remit of the services already outlined. I pride myself on my flexibility and ability to adapt to various consultancy projects…this is how I have grown McNamee Consulting to date!

I love a new challenge and the learning it brings and I embrace these opportunities wholeheartedly. I am always keen to build upon my portfolio of services and expertise, so if you don’t see it listed on this website, don’t be put off! Get in contact and I will arrange a free initial consultation.

Some examples of my work

Scoping studies

I have been approached by organisations at the early stages of project development who are seeking support to assess and evidence need for a project i.e. initial scoping. Production of a scoping study involves desk research to analyse strategic relevance, consulting with stakeholders to identify need and drawing up a list of findings/recommendations in the format of a comprehensive report. This process often proves to be particularly useful to support major funding applications. I recently worked with a women’s charity to deliver a scoping process to evidence need for a proposed early intervention project working with families in need of support. The scoping study involved engaging and consulting with a wide range of stakeholders through questionnaires and focus groups. The final report was submitted in support of a major funding application, which was successful in securing £700,000 over a five-year period.

Options papers

I have completed options paper for a range of clients when they are considering the development of a new project or the proposal of a major strategic development. Such papers are useful for considering options available along with a cost/benefits analysis for each option listed. I recently produced an options paper for a women’s support organisation that was considering moving accommodation support services to new premises.   The options paper clearly researched all options and presented 6 possible options along with an analysis of  feasibility for each.

Team building

Very good, nice positive, motivating delivery. Really helped to see its not all doom and gloom, there are opportunities as well as threats.

I specialise in delivering team building activities which promote more effective team working, greater understanding of strategic direction and better utilisation of individual strengths and capabilities. Team building is one of the consultancy projects I most enjoy as I aim to make these events fun while ensuring everyone leaves realising their importance in meeting the overall strategic aims of the organisation. My teambuilding building events utilise a mix of team building theory, group activities and fun energisers. Be prepared for lots of working in groups to; solve problems, work out riddles and tackle some interesting (and unusual) challenges while having lots of fun together!

Web site content creation

I recently worked on the development of a website for a leading NI charity. This involved working with staff to develop a vision for the site, overseeing the commissioning process for a suitable website designer and supporting with staff to write and agree content. I then worked in close partnership with the website designer who created the finalised site.

Provision of high-level strategic support

I have provided high-level strategic support to senior managers in voluntary and community organisations. This has involved, supporting them to completed specific pieces of work, working with and supporting staff, facilitating meetings, producing presentations for conferences etc.

Support with publications

I have a keen eye for detail and an interest in document layout and design and as such, have been approached on several occasions to help with the publication of a document. This can range from collating and agreeing content, writing sections of the document, editing the document or simply minor proofing at the end. It can also involve working with a printer in relation to layout and design. At present I work on an annual basis for a leading NI charity to support the publication of their annual report. This involves initial planning and setting a clear timeframe for production (gantt chart) working with all staff and projects to gather and agree input, setting up the report template and populating with content, working with the printer in relation to design and printing and finally editing and proofing the final document.

Change management

We had the opportunity to present our fears and worries about change in a safe and supportive environment.”

I have worked with, and in, organisations while they have undergone major structural change. I truly believe change always comes bearing gifts – with appropriate support, organisations can emerge stronger and with a clearer vision.

Through working with teams, my workshops can help people to see that change is normal and as humans we can learn to manage it effectively and harness the opportunities it can bring.